قیمت پنجره دوجداره در ایرانSash windows are a popular type of window in the UK. A sash window is a sliding window that opens vertically.
The idea of the sash window came into being in the late 1600's and is attributed to Robert Hooke, an English inventor of that time. Many Victorian and Georgian houses have sash windows, usually in the classical style that is two frames, each with 6 panes of glass.
Sash windows can be opened a crack and will not fall back to their original position and this ease of opening continues to make them an extremely popular type of window. Although originally all types of sash window were made with a timber frame this is now changing as other innovative materials come to the market.

uPVC is one such materials that is relatively new on the scene. It is a much cheaper material than wood and can be used to produce window frames, doors and french doors for much less than wood can. The benefit of the materials is its durability and strength. It is hard wearing so won't rot or split from exposure to the elements and although it is a plastic type material, it comes in a variety of wood effect finishes.

From mahogany to oak and everything in between you can choose what type of wood you would like for all your windows and doors in the home.

New sash windows can be double glazed or even triple glazed if required. This makes them extremely well insulated and neither sound nor heat can escape. In winter the heat stays inside the home and in the summer the insulation prevents the house heating up too much in the sun. The acoustic insulation also means that sounds cannot travel easily through double glazed windows.

There are other options available however when it comes to windows. Double hung windows are quite common too. These are similar to sash windows but have two windows that slide past each other rather than one. A variation of this type of window is double hung tilt windows.

One of the sash window panes can be removed via a "tilt" mechanism that is built in so the windows can be cleaned from the inside. There are also windows that slide on horizontal tracks that are known as sliding windows. uPVC is the most likely type of material that sliding windows are made from.

Either one or both of the windows will be capable of sliding.
Casement windows are yet another type of window used throughout the UK. The best way to describe these is by saying they open like door. They have a hinge on one side and this allows them to be opened all the way. Bay windows extend out from the house and usually consist of at least 3 panes.

These types of windows let in a large amount of light and are common in terraced houses in particular. Sometimes all of the windows open although it is more common to have either the smaller side windows open or the main large window, but not both.
There are many different types of window available that you can choose for your home. All windows are available in several different materials, but without a doubt the best material to use is that of uPVC. It is so tough and durable and has many built in security features too.

The locks can be impossible to break and shock proof too so security is assured. It is not just sash windows and doors in the home that can be made of uPVC, as there are uPVC conservatories available and other types of window such as casement windows.

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